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CCCOnline – Logging In To Faculty Email

Instructors that teach at CCCOnline are issued an email account through CCCOnline.

Accessing CCCOnline Faculty email account:

If you only teach at CCCOnline you can access your email account via the Faculty Email icon at the top right of the CCCOnline Faculty Portal.

If you teach at CCCOnline and another CCCS college, use the image on the Welcome page to access CCCOnline email via OWA.

Enter domain\network id (aka username) where:

  1. Domain is cccs. For example cccs\
  2. Username is first initial and lastname.  For example, jsmith.

Note: Even if you have an email address from another CCCS college, you will still receive a CCCS email because you teach at CCCOnline. Only the email will be used by CCCOnline. You will need to check both college email addresses on a regular basis

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